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Call for paper sulla rivista Animals - Special Issue "The Horse as an Athlete"

Special Issue Information

The horse is an exceptional athlete, and its abilities are used in many different sports. Positive results depend on whether the individual is physiologically suited to the needs of the event. However, good performances are maintained by adequate management of the horse, appropriate and regular veterinary controls, a deep understanding of the physiological mechanisms of the main body systems involved in athletic performance, as well as the possibility of early and correct recognition of the diseases that can cause poor performance. Research studies on equine sports medicine contribute to the continuous updates on the pathological mechanisms of different syndromes, on the highest-quality diagnostic methods, and on the most suitable medical and surgical treatments. Rehabilitation also plays a very important role in equine sports medicine. The correct and appropriate approach of an injury, as well as the best technical and instrumental management, are fundamental for a rapid and possibly complete recovery of the horse. We welcome submissions of original research or review papers, focused on different aspects of the equine sport medicine, including (but not limited to) equine sports physiology, disease pathological mechanisms, novel diagnostic techniques, poor performance evaluation, medical and surgical treatments, management of injury, and rehabilitation of sport horses.

For more info, please visit the website @ https://www.mdpi.com/journal/animals/special_issues/Horse_Athlete

02 settembre 2019
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