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Apertura della special issue “Insect Micro-Livestock for Feed Supply” su Animals

È attiva e on-line la Call for Papers per la Special Issue Insect Micro-Livestock for Feed Supply sul giornale Animals —Open Access Journal (IF: 2.323)

Special Issue Editor: Dr. Matteo Ottoboni, Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety, University of Milan, 20134 Milano, Italy

Email: matteo.ottoboni@unimi.it

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La scadenza per l'invio di contributi è fissata al 31 dicembre 2021


Dear Colleagues,

Insects are regarded as interesting alternative protein/energy sources for animal diets and are expected to be increasingly used around the globe as a replacement for conventional feedstuffs. From a circular economy point of view, “micro-livestock” farming represents a way by which food waste biomasses/streams can be upgraded to valuable feed ingredients. In addition to that, in insects, interest in earthworms as an alternative feed source is also increasing, with the waste being able to be used as a rich fertilizer. Original manuscripts that address any aspects of micro-livestock farming are invited for this Special Issue. Specifically, topics of interest for this Special Issue are: insect production systems, including processing organic side streams operated using earthworms; challenges related to process optimization, engineering, automation, and security; genetics, nutrition, physiology, issues related to health and ethics of insects in micro-livestock farming; microbial and chemical contaminant management; role of insect rearing condition and processing in defining nutritional features, quality and safety, including implication for feed technology; and micro-livestock role in circular economy and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Matteo Ottoboni

Guest Editor

Keywords: insects; alternative feed ingredients; circular economy; sustainable feed; nutritional quality; feed safety

01 luglio 2020
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